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Bullet vs Egg Vibrators: What's the Difference?

Women employ vibrating eggs and vibrating bullets to satisfy their sexual cravings, depending on their preferences. The basic understanding of vibrators is that they promote pleasure by working on the clitoris or vagina. What, however, separates the egg vibrator from the bullet vibrator?

In many respects, bullet and egg vibrators are extremely similar. These are mostly clitoral vibrators used to stimulate the clitoris and vulva. Depending on the size and form of the toy, you may be able to use it for vaginal or even anal stimulation.

Furthermore, both types of vibrators are tiny and compact, making them easy to conceal and transport. In many ways, these are quite similar sorts of toys. However, there is a distinction to be made between an egg and a bullet.

Difference Between Bullets And Vibrating Eggs

  • These enjoyable toys may be distinguished from one another by their distinctively varied forms. The bullet vibrator is longitudinal in design and also resembles the shape of a bullet, hence its name, whereas the egg vibrator is oval and therefore gets its name "egg".
  • Masturbation and increased sexual arousal and excitement between partners are both possible with it. Additionally, you may pick from a variety of speed buttons depending on your demands and sensitivity. Additionally, we should never forget that the majority of vibrators are made for clitoral stimulation for intense pleasure.
  • Wired or wireless control. The sort of control is another difference between an egg and a bullet. Usually wireless, bullet vibrators. They function by pushing a button. In this sense, egg vibrators are more diverse. You or your lover may adjust the vibration's pace and intensity using the controller that comes with many eggs. Typically, these eggs include a cable that connects a toy to the controller.
  • While an egg vibrator may be used both within and externally, bullet vibrators are mostly utilized for external stimulation and pleasure. But please be reminded that we don't recommend using bullet vibrators anally as they can get lost due to their size. To utilize bullets externally, you must grasp them in your hands and contact sensitive or desired body parts with great pleasure.The nipple, upper thighs, clitoris, labia minora and labia majora, and balls in males are examples of these locations.On the other hand, egg vibrators may be applied both internally and externally. To have more pleasure, most women prefer to place the egg in the vagina. Additionally, egg vibrators come with a remote control that allows you to select your chosen speed level from among the several degrees of speed offered by the vibrator.

Passion House Recommended Vibrating Eggs

If you're on the lookout for your perfect and discreet vibrating egg sex toy. We've got you covered!

Evolved Egg-Citment – Black USB Rechargeable Egg with 3 Sleeves & Wireless Remote

Use the oval shape alone for a traditional experience. Then, stretch each special silicone sleeve over the egg for a tight fit and revel in the clit-dancing bunny ears, the dual stim with textures, and the spectacular tongue wrapped with pleasure nubs. Control your experience with a remote or delegate control to your partner - even while submerged in water thanks to the toy's and all of its attachments' total submergibility.

Sugar Pop – Harmony – Pink – Pink 7.5 cm USB Rechargeable Egg

$58.99Read more

Sugar Pop's Harmony. A little vibrator that is discreet and easily fits in the palm of your hand. Harmony, which is made of platinum-grade silicone, uses 8 different vibration patterns to provide extreme pleasure and fulfillment. All lubricants are compatible, and it is waterproof.

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