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Explore your sexuality and experience pleasure in your unique way. Passionhouse is the home of Vibrators in Australia. We have hand-picked our range over time and worked hard to bring you a diverse range of vibrators that can tailor to any sexual needs a woman feels she needs to be fulfilled.

Visit our wide selection of vibrators and find the perfect one to enhance your sexual experience. From mini vibrators, classic bullet vibrators, g-spot vibrators, rabbit vibrators, wand massagers, and more, we are sure that you'll find the "one" that will complete your fantasy.


Are you ready to boost your degree of pleasure? Look through our selection of top-notch vibrators right away! Our vibrators are made to empower you to explore and learn about new sensations so you may reach your full sexual potential.

We offer a variety of vibrators to choose from, whether you're searching for a solid and intense sensation or something more quiet and delicate. You're sure to discover the ideal match for your needs in our inventory, which ranges from traditional bullet vibes to cutting-edge and cutting-edge designs.


Passionhouse has been putting in the effort to provide you with the best the sex toy industry has to offer since our inception. It is our mission to stay ahead of the game.

Our vibrators can help couples develop closeness and trust in their relationship and provide pleasure. Couples may improve communication and reinforce their relationship by getting to know one other's bodies and wants. Our selection of vibrator toys for couples has something to offer whether you're fresh to the world of sex toys or a seasoned veteran.


We at Passion House want you to take charge of your own pleasure. Mind-blowing pleasure is unquestionably a mood you deserve, whether alone or trying to liven things up with a partner.

You do not have to sneak into slightly questionable, dimly-lit adult shops to figure out which vibe vibes with you. You can get everything you need here. Our vibrators are built from the best materials, making them reliable, durable, and comfortable. Moreover, they are created with features like various vibration speeds and patterns to let you personalise your experience in mind.


Vibrators may make you feel more attuned to your body and are a fantastic way to connect with your body. Vibrators are frequently used for masturbation, but they may also benefit partners and couples trying to improve their sex lives.

Vibrators can help relieve stress and anxiety, improving your overall mood and quality of life. Vibrators are made precisely to provide your erogenous zones with intense stimulation. There is a vibrator for everyone, which ever stimulation you prefer. You may adjust the pace and intensity to suit your preferences and increase your level of pleasure.

When purchasing a vibrator, it is critical to understand how to maintain it clean. To begin, wash it with water or a cleaning agent to remove any dirt. Scrub the surface with a light liquid soap before rewashing it under running water. If the toy is not motorised, you can immerse it completely, but if it is battery-powered, you should avoid doing so. When storing the clean vibrator, make sure it is totally dry.

squirting with vibrator, squirting, squirting using vibrator

How To Have An Explosive Squirt With Vibrator

By passionhouse | November 9, 2023

How To Have An Explosive Squirt With Vibrator For some, a squirting orgasm is the ultimate climax of getting off. They worry about it, try hard to obtain it, and then wonder if anything is wrong when they don’t succeed. A squirting orgasm is only one method for some women to experience sex and pleasure, and […]

bullet vibrator, best bullet vibrator, remote control vibrator

Why You Need Remote Control Bullet Vibrators

By passionhouse | June 25, 2023

Why You Need Remote Control Bullet Vibrators Do you want to become a little kinky? Then a remote control bullet vibrator or remote control sex toy would be ideal. There is a wide variety of these devices available, including egg vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, and others. There are also remote-control bullet vibes that you […]

bullet vibrator, bullet vibes

Top Bullet Vibrators You Should Try

By passionhouse | May 4, 2023

Top Bullet Vibrators You Should Try Are you trying to find the ideal vibrator for your vibe? You may rely on our advice whether you’re searching for your very first vibrating toy or just a pleasant addition to your bullet vibrator collection. Even though the majority are only a few inches long, a good bullet vibe […]

egg vibrator, bullet vibrator

Bullet vs Egg Vibrators: What’s the Difference?

By passionhouse | April 26, 2023

Bullet vs Egg Vibrators: What’s the Difference? Women employ vibrating eggs and vibrating bullets to satisfy their sexual cravings, depending on their preferences. The basic understanding of vibrators is that they promote pleasure by working on the clitoris or vagina. What, however, separates the egg vibrator from the bullet vibrator? In many respects, bullet and […]

men vibrator, can men use vibrator, vibrator for men

Can Men Use Vibrators?

By passionhouse | April 17, 2023

Can Men Use Vibrators? The majority of straight guys are undoubtedly aware of a vibrator because their spouse uses one to masturbate or because they use it as a tool on their partner during sex. While vibrators have a stronger influence on women’s bodies and play a vital part in reducing the orgasm gap, guys […]

vibrator during pregnancy, vibrator, sex toy

Is Using A Vibrator Safe During Pregnancy?

By passionhouse | April 5, 2023

Is Using a Vibrator Safe During Pregnancy? Everything else does not need to be put on hold because you are pregnant, including your sex life. The fact is that as those vital chemicals increase and subsequent decline in the following months, your libido will change. It turns out that many women claim their spouses make […]

rabbit vibrator, best rabbit vibrator

Top Tips for Using Rabbit Vibrator

By passionhouse | March 22, 2023

Top Tips for Using Rabbit Vibrator Have you just bought a rabbit vibrator, but aren’t sure how to make the most of it? You don’t need to seek further than our best rabbit vibrator advice, which is intended to maximize the enjoyment you get from your new toy. A rabbit vibrator is a form of […]

g-spot vibrator, best g spot vibrator

Have an Awesome O with these G spot vibrators

By passionhouse | March 13, 2023

Have an Awesome O with these G spot Vibrators G-spot vibrators: What are they? The G-spot is a region of sensitive tissue that is a component of the clitoral network, and a G-spot vibrator is made to stimulate it. They often have a wand-like design with a little bend that makes them ideal for stimulating […]

vibrators, adult toys, sex toys

The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Pleasure: How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

By passionhouse | January 25, 2023

Ultimate Vibrator Guide Feeling horny and looking for an interesting way to enjoy the pleasure of sex?  Let’s face it, sex is human nature, we all want to achieve that ultimate orgasm we always dreaming.  Want to experiment and wish to go a little bit more out of the box? Don’t be shy! There’s nothing […]

What Is A Bullet Vibrator?

By passionhouse | August 2, 2020

What Is A Bullet Vibrator? Egg and bullet vibrators are among the most popular sex toys on the market. These sensual vibrators can be used to stimulate many different erogenous zones so they provide so much fun and arousal. While primarily made for women, egg and bullet vibrators can also be used by men and […]

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