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Male Maturbators, Fleshlights And Fun In 2020

If you have ever investigated male sex toys online then there is a pretty good chance you will have heard of a Fleshlight or male masturbator as they are also known. Perhaps you decided to buy one. You started by searching online, found the official Fleshlight site, and discovered that there are many models available. You might have searched for reviews and found that there are as many different preferences as there are models. Okay, wait. We know you’re eager to get started, but before we get to the nitty-gritty details, there’s a chance you may not even know what a Fleshlight is. A Fleshlight is a stroker or a sex toy for men that’s designed to replicate the same sensations as sexual intercourse. The penis is tightly stroked inside of a tube-like toy, and the user has full control over speed and how fast or slow it takes to finish. Whether you're on your own or with a partner, a Fleshlight is a masturbation toy for the penis which, basically, gives your hand a hand. They're amongst the most popular and best sex toys around.  A Male Masturbator Is A Men’s Toy Used To Improve The Stimulation Of Masturbation. These Toys Are Growing In Popularity And A Lot Of Men Simply Couldn’t Imagine Their Lives Without One!

I’ve Been In This Business For A Long Time And One Thing I’ve Noticed Is That, Up Until Recently, Women Had Far More Options In Terms Of The Types Of Sex Toys They Wanted To Experiment With. Men Were Expected To “Use Their Imagination” While The Ladies’ Imaginations Were Exploited To Create A Distinct And Diverse Amalgamation Of Artsy Yet Naughty Accessories. The Future Looked Bleak For Us Dudes, But Then Suddenly, Things Began To Change.

Styled outwardly similar to a flashlight (hence the name) but sometimes slightly more obvious than that, a Fleshlight uses its skin-like material to offer up sensations you might not find elsewhere. Unique openings, unique textures, and experiences both simulated and completely out there.

You can pick a Fleshlight that's anatomical – there are masturbation sleeves with openings which emulate vaginal, anal and oral sex, with mouldings even available of the real parts of popular adult stars – or you can grab something that's been designed for sensation above all else. The case holds a hollow ‘silicone sleeve’ or ‘gel insert’. You insert your penis through the orifice end (mouth, anus, vagina) and slide it along the length of your penis. A removable cap on the opposite end allows you to adjust airflow for controlled suction.

What makes masturbators a legendary sex toy is the design of the sleeve. Typically made of silicone, the sleeve is soft with a realistic texture. The inner canal of each sleeve is what separates one masturbator from another. Fleshlights are as close as you'll get to a real vagina from a male masturbator toy. Inside the solid casing is a soft, pliable, "Real Feel" sleeve that has been specially designed to replicate the feel of a woman's vagina, so you get a genuine sensation of penetrative sex when you put your erection inside.

Male Masturbators and Fleshlights Actually Fell Like The Real Thing

Take our word for it. Seriously. Guys swear by the realistic feel and sensations of Fleshlights. The soft, non-vibrating sleeve provides arguably the most lifelike intercourse simulation possible. With a little bit of imagination and adjustable end caps to control your preferred level of suction, you’d swear you were in bed with the woman of your dreams. The best part? You’ll both always finish at the same time, and no post-intercourse cuddling is required. Ya know, unless that’s your thing. There’s a reason the Fleshlight is the number one selling male sex toy in the world. Actually, there are about 1,000 reasons the Fleshlight is so popular, but for right now it’s enough to say that it feels incredible. Seriously. It feels amazing. If you’re used to lotion and the perfect video…you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

Breaking the Stigma Around Male Sex Toys

It’s impossible to talk about the Fleshlight, and any male sex toys for that matter, and not talk about the stigma surrounding them. It’s 2018 and we STILL have to deal with this stigma. Insane, we know.

So, let’s take a minute to address the elephant in the room – yes men use sex toys. No there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, using sex toys is healthy in more ways than one. There are mental, emotional, and sexual health benefits, including:

  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Lifting your mood
  • Releasing sexual tension
  • Bringing you and your partner closer together
  • & more!

Safety First

I’m Gonna Rant About Male Sex Toy Safety. Quality Construction From A Reputable Manufacturer Is The Single Most Important Thing To Look For, Followed By Price.

When Buying A Toy That Will Be Exposed To Your Genitals Or Ass, You Want Something That’s Safe And Won’t Hurt You, Right? Inferior Materials Can Cause Allergic Reactions. Sometimes A Cheap Stroker Doesn’t Hold Up Well, To The Point Of Breaking Apart Over Time. And That’s The Last Thing I’d Want…For Me Or Anyone Else.

Silicone Is Usually My Preferred Choice For Its Realistic Feel And Body Safe Properties. These Are Phthalate-Free. The Other Choices Are Rubber Or Plastic Toys. These Are Usually Phthalate-Free, But This Should Be Verified Before Purchase. 

So How Do We Avoid These Nasty Chemicals?

It’s Quite Simple, Actually. Buy From A Reputable Manufacturer That Clearly States What’s In Their Toys! Any “Cheap” Sex Toy Should Be Viewed With Suspicion Until The Material Composition Can Be Confirmed.

What’s The Difference Between A Masturbation Sleeve And A Pocket Pussy?

Both Toys Are Designed To Let You Insert Your Penis Into The Opening And Stroke Yourself Until You Orgasm. Masturbation Sleeves Tend To Be Larger And More Cylindrical In Shape, Sometimes With A Larger Opening. Pocket Pussies Are A Smaller Version And May Even Be Designed To Look Like Pussies, Asses, Or Mouths.

The simple fact is that buying a Fleshlight pocket pussy is not as straightforward as it seems. There are sleeves for all sizes, shapes and tastes: textured and non-textured; anal, oral and vaginal; realistic, fantasy and even alien.

The choice is mind-boggling, and very personal; it is simply not possible to recommend one Fleshlight to every man as every one of us is different.

How to Choose Your Fleshlight

With such a variety of models to choose from it is difficult to decide where to begin. Luckily, nearly all Fleshlights have something to offer and most are enjoyable to use.

You can choose what the inner canal is like, which isn't something that's usually an option outside of the sex toy world, and try different things with different Fleshlights. There are even inners designed to help improve staying power. You can use condoms, you can use lube, and cleaning a Fleshlight is often as straightforward as running it under a tap.

This seems like a no-brainer, but when choosing from among the best Fleshlight masturbation sleeves, you need to think about what type of sex you're looking to simulate and how you want it to feel. There are Fleshlights designed for vaginal and anal sex, and some that provide an oral sex sensation. Look at the texture of the inner sleeve and the length to ensure you get something that suits you.

Cleaning is an obvious concern with this type of sex toy, but it's easy to do with most Fleshlights – just remove the sleeve from the outer shell, rinse it through with warm water, then let it dry. That's it.  Everyone has their own personal preferences and there really is no one size fits all answer to Fleshlight selection. The best way to choose is to check out the recommendations below, read a few Fleshlight sleeve reviews and then just take the plunge.

The only two Fleshlights that I would not recommend are the Original and Super Tight sleeves. Many first time users select these as they appear to be a good general starting point. However, both sleeves leave a lot to be desired when compared to the more textured sleeve varieties. They are not realistic and, once you are familiar with the lifelike SuperSkin material, they are fairly boring to use.

You will need to start by thinking about a few basic things. Is your penis large, small or average? Do you enjoy fast intense masturbation or long, slow sessions? Do you enjoy the visual stimulation of a well-designed Fleshlight or does the appearance not matter to you? Do you have a fantasy to fulfill? Do you prefer a mouth, butt or pussy orifice? Then there are the physical health benefits. These range from prostate massaging clearing the prostatic duct and potentially lowering men’s risk of prostate cancer to building muscles in the pelvis.

All of which is a long way of saying that guys have NOTHING to be ashamed of for using sex toys. Let’s say it one more time for the people in the back of the room – there’s NOTHING wrong with a man using a Fleshlight or any other toy.

They’re Discreet

If there’s one thing to call out that men’s sex toys have over women’s, it’s the fact that most of them look like nothing out of the ordinary. Fleshlights? They could be confused for literal flashlights if you don’t look closely enough. Obviously you can hide it in your bedside drawer, but if you really don’t want people questioning you, place this bad boy next to all of your other tools and no one will even give it a second look! 

Get Your Partner Involved

The next Hustler Hollywood tip for using your Fleshlight is to get your partner involved. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Double the fun, pleasure, and kink of your normal sex by introducing a pocket pussy into the bedroom.

Having your partner get you hard, lube you up, push you into a Fleshlight, and then work it up and down your…yeah, sign us up.

Now ladies, we need to stop here for a moment and make sure you’re comfortable with this! No, your man doesn’t like your vagina any less because he’s using a Fleshlight. No, he won’t want to stop having sex with you. No, this isn’t an attack on your abilities in the bedroom.

He doesn’t feel that way about your Hitachi Wand, so remember to extend the same courtesy to his toys! Plus, watching him get off and giving a helping hand or two is super hot.

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How to train

The essence of the training process is to allow you to learn to recognise when you are going to orgasm and learn how to delay the process. As you enter the STU you’ll notice the smooth, pillowlike texture massaging your penis. The STU bumps rub you on the way in, but the ridges really grab your penis on the way out. The STU has been described as feeling like "little fingers" tickling your penis in an unbelievably intense way. (Remember we told you this was the kind of training you were going to enjoy.)

As you thrust harder and get closer to the point of no return, your penis naturally expands, increasing the sensation of the texture, and magnifying intensity. Then you pass the point of no return, so you orgasm and ejaculate.

By focusing purely on your sensations, you can start to learn when that point of no return is approaching. Then you can stop thrusting, allow the feeling to die right down, and start to thrust again gently. You can repeat this several times until you finally decide to "let go". The first few times you try it you might not be entirely successful, but that’s the point of training. Repeat the training a few times each week, and you’ll soon find that you’re lasting for longer.

You’ll also find that you quickly learn which style of thrusting is causing sensation overload and which you can keep doing for longer. That varies from person to person: some people find that shallower thrusting helps them keep going, while other people find that slower, deeper thrusts are less likely to tip them over the edge. Experiment and find out what works for you. 

Practice, practice, practice. Build up that stamina in preparation for the main event. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Stroker Pack comes with everything you need to train yourself to last longer. Whether it’s in preparation for intercourse with another person you really want to satisfy or just to make your own bliss last a little longer, this male masturbation toy kit includes everything you’ll need to help make sure you don’t explode with pleasure before the time is right.

Another bonus is that you may well find your orgasms become stronger. With more build up before they happen, both your brain and your body are more deeply immersed in the process and the tension, so explosive climaxes could well be the outcome. Result!  When it comes to using your Fleshlight, it's worth warming the insert before using it. This makes it feel more natural and flesh-like, and while you can get specialist tools for warming your toy, letting it rest for a while in warm water is usually enough.

Ready & Wet Whenever You Want It

Wanna know what a woman can’t do? Get wet on command. Skip the wine, dine, and massage that always lasts too long. With just a little bit of lube, your Fleshlight will be hot and ready at a moment’s notice to fulfill all of your sexual desires. Some Fleshlights, like the Go Surge Stroker, even come complete with the perfect water-based lube for you to use.

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Easy to Clean

Now that you read all of the good stuff, you’re probably wondering how to clean a Fleshlight. It’s actually a lot easier than most people imagine. To clean your male masturbator, just remove the insert and rinse with warm water. Let it dry, and she’ll be ready for round two. Want to keep your Fleshlight feeling like the first time every time? Coat the sleeve insert in a light layer of Stroker Renewing Powder so your pocket pussy stays soft.

The Main Categories Of Male Sex Toys

The Modern World Is Full Of Amazing Stuff, Like Super High-Tech Sex Toys For Men. Somewhere Between Last Year’s Prison FiFi And This Year’s Automatic Bluetooth And VR Compatible Blowjob Machine Was A Brave Guy Who Stood Up And Said, “I Need A Little More Futuristic Kink In My Life.” As A Card-Carrying Member Of The Thirsty Cock Brigade, I Can Understand My Brothers’ Desire For Some High-Powered Orgasms. Honestly, I Can’t Believe It Took Us Long.

Your Male Sex Toys Are Typically Broken Down Into Three (3) Main Categories:

Each Of Those Categories Then Has Its Own Intriguing Subset. For Example, Masturbators Are Usually Either Manual Or Automatic. Certain Models Are Fully Rechargeable, And Others Need Batteries, Plug-Ins, Or Both. Furthermore, There Are Some Toys That Get Really Fancy – A.K.A. They Use Scientifically Based Ergonomics And Materials, They Offer User-Friendly Interfaces And Humanistic Features, And They Hook Up To Live Action Sessions With A Partner And/Or Use Downloadable Virtual Porn Content To Create A Hyper-Realistic Experience.

Here Are Some Points To Consider Before You Purchase

You Will Quickly Find There Is A Tonne Of Products On The Market, So It’s Important To Think About Your Purchase, Buy A Male Sex Toy That Is Gonna Work For You.

  1. Material: The Materials Used In The Toy Is One Of The Most Important Factors. The Two Primary Materials Are Silicone And TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer.)
    • Silicone Is A Much Higher Quality, And It Feels Very Realistic. Thus, It’s More Expensive. It’s Also Hypoallergenic And Easy To Clean. This Material Has Very Little Odour.
    • TPE Is The Basic, No-Frills Material. It’s Soft, But Not Quite As Comfortable. This Is The Cheaper, More Economical Material. These Are Generally Hypoallergenic, But Not Always. They Sometimes Have An Unsettling Odour That Will Eventually Go Away After Repeated Cleaning. As I Discussed Earlier, Make Sure It Is Phthalate-Free. Depending On Any Allergies You Have You May Need To Look Out For Certain Materials. Most Companies Will State What Materials Their Products Are Made Of And Also Provide Any Allergy Warnings Where Needed So Please Bear This In Mind. If You Know You Are Allergic To A Certain Material Then There Are Multiple Variables That You Can Still Use, So Don’t Get Yourself Down!
  2. Inner Orifice: There Must Be A Thousand Different Variations. This Is Where You Put Your Hard Cock. You Can Opt For Something Straight And Tight, More Like An Ass. Or Something With Ridges And Waves, More Like A Vagina.
  3. Size: Again, There Are Tons Of Options. A Pocket Pussy Is Small Enough To Easily Fit In A Coat Pocket, Or Even Loose Pants. Some Of The Larger Ones Look Like A Big Flashlight. When Talking About Masturbators, The First Thing You May Think Of Is Your Penis Size. Yes, That Is Definitely Something You Should Take Into Account, But You Should Bear In Mind That These Products Are Made To Fit Almost Everyone. It’s For This Reason That Your Penis Size Usually Isn’t An Issue Unless You Are An Extreme Case Of Large Or Small. The Size Of The Toy Itself Is Something You Should Really Consider In Any Situation. If You Want To Carry It Around With You Or Travel With It, You Are Going To Go For A Different Model Than When You Just Want To Use It Indoors. Also, If You Don’t Have Enough Storage Space, Or Want To Keep It Hidden From Your Children, Wife Or Even Parents Then The Size Is Something That Comes Into Play Here Too!
  4. Price: Like The Old Saying: You Get What You Pay For. A Cheap Plastic Pussy Bought From Nonamesextoys.Com For A Few Bucks Isn’t Going To Be NEARLY As Much Fun As A Silicone Stroker That Costs Around $70. When Purchasing A TV Or A New Dishwasher, It’s Usually Worth It To Pony Up More Cash And Get Something You REALLY Want. Gotta Pay For Your Kicks! This One’s Obvious, But The Quality Of Your Male Masturbator Is Very Important. This Is Something That Usually Goes Hand In Hand With Price, But This Isn’t Always The Case. Make Sure You Don’t Break The Bank On Your Purchase. But Again, Don’t Try And Pinch Pennies Too Much As It Could Take Away From The Quality Or Sensation You May Have. This May Even Lead To Paying More, Even Though You Think You Are Paying Less.
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