The purpose of stimulator sex toys is to deliver targeted stimulation to particular body parts, like the clitoris, nipples, or prostate. These toys can be used either by one person or by two people, and they are frequently utilized to heighten arousal and sexual pleasure.

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When using a stimulator, the user lubricates both the toy and the desired body part using water-based lubricant. After that, the toy is activated and carefully positioned over the chosen location to deliver focused vibration or suction.

The Womanizer Premium, Satisfyer Pro 2, and LELO Ora 3 are a few well-known items in the stimulator area. Many vibration settings, rechargeable batteries, and waterproof construction are just a few of the qualities that these toys have to offer.

In a Statista survey from 2021, 23% of American women said they had used a vibrator in the previous year. Although there are no precise figures on the popularity of stimulators, many women use them when they desire tailored stimulation to particular body parts.

It’s recommended to use water-based lubrication with stimulator sex toys and to adhere to the toy’s directions and to speak with a healthcare professional before using a stimulator toy because some of them might not be appropriate for people with specific medical conditions.

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